One of my ventures to keep myself sane is to create music. This I do under the moniker "Lion in Chains", using a home studio which is rather synthesizer focused. When I pick gear I always try to think about how they will fit in, not only my workflow but also how well they will work in a live situation. Hence are there always new instruments coming in, and old ones going out.


I have several projects going on, one of which is the collection of musical sketches all sharing the common trait of being recorded in one session with no or minimal post production. Those can be found on the SoundCloud link above.

Another project is to work along the principles of Berlin School together with friends where we jam in my basement. Parts of this project can also be found on the SoundCloud page as small scetches that I used to pass ideas around the team.

Culture Night 2012

This last venture ended up with a concert in a large, underground, car park during the annual Culture Night in Uppsala, where I, together with three musicians and one lighing technician, gave a show with light and sound in a rather surreal setting to an audience of about a hundred people. Some spectators even thought that the car alarms we set off purely by accident (and with some help from a rather spiffy sound system) were part of the show.

There is a recording from this event that I can give access to, provided that you promise not to comment on the poor sound quality, nor the occasional musical hicups that are scattered all over the place - you have been warned... :-) Applications have to be made personally - if you found this URL you know my email address.